How to get rid of the fart smell.

How to get rid of the fart smell in 2 simple steps?

Farting is a normal biological process. 

It gets horrible when the root cause(s) is/are neglected or not treated properly.

The ultimate cause behind foul-smelling fart or intestinal gas is purely a medical condition. If you’re tired of every solution and want to know how to get rid of the fart smell quickly, we’ve got a 2-step solution for you.

Firstly, challenge yourself to inquire about its root cause.

Later, find the long or short-term solutions to improve your living experience.

Step 1: what causes your fart to smell gross?

Foul-smelling fart is caused by harmful bacteria in the intestines that produce toxic gases such as methane.

These gases are produced due to several reasons. The most common cause of foul-smelling fart could be food poisoning. This digestive discomfort could result from unhealthy eating patterns such as spoiled fruits or vegetables or food prepared in unhygienic conditions. These commodities produce different types of bacteria in the intestines.

Other causes include serious diseases such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, and some types of intestinal infections.

In a nutshell:

1. Improper diet and lifestyle

2. Poor digestive health

3. Irregular bowel movements

4. Intestinal gas problems

5. Food poisoning, stomach bug, and other intestinal infections

6. Chronic constipation or diarrhea

7. Stomach ulcers and inflammation

8. Irregular bowel movements

9. Misuse of laxatives, fiber supplements, colon cleansers, and similar products to avoid constipation and maintain regular bowel movements that may cause foul-smelling fart(s).

10. Stress (too much of it)

11. Lack of physical exercise (daily walking routine helps a lot)

13. Modern/Sedentary lifestyle – Lack of physical activity, poor sleeping habits, and Alcohol or other toxic addictions (tobacco)

Step 2: How to get rid of the fart smell?

Medical conditions like digestive disorders can take time to get back to normal. Once we have known the possible causes behind the stink, let’s get rid of the solution part. 

(a) How to get rid of the fart smell quickly (the short-term solutions) 

Here we are talking about How to get rid of the fart smell quickly:

1) Air purifiers:

Air purifiers are an effective way to get rid of foul-smelling fart odor. However, they’re not a miracle solution, especially if the root cause is food poisoning or other intestinal infections.

Air purifiers can remove airborne particles and germs, but they’re not capable of removing the gas itself.

How does an air purifier help to get rid of fart smell?

Air purifiers are capable of removing airborne particles and foul odors. But they can’t capture the gaseous molecules, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3) accurately.

Purifiers use a combination of HEPA filtersionization chambers, and carbon filters to capture airborne particles and unpleasant odors.

  • HEPA filters can capture micron-sized particles and smelling compounds from the air.
  • Ionization chambers create negative ions that attract airborne particles and germs.

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However, it’s important to mention that air purifiers remove only airborne particles and foul odors. They do not remove the gas itself.

(Therefore, if you’re suffering from foul-smelling fart odor or other intestinal problems, we recommend you visit a doctor or a health care professional to get rid of it for good)


Vinegar is a 4% diluted solution of acetic acid. It is one of the most common ingredients you can easily find inside your kitchen. Vinegar, especially apple cider, is highly effective against several digestive problems. 

However, it is not recommended for constipation or diarrhea since, in some cases, it’s found to promote more bloating and gas in the colon.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is obtained from volcanic ash residues converted into clay via reaction with seawater. It has been a holy grail for centuries as a natural detoxifier for the skin. Skincare obsessed use it to get rid of acne, hyperpigmentation, and smelly armpits. 

It also works great as a smell absorbent. It effectively absorbs odors, especially caused by sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and methane.

The excellent absorbent properties of this clay enable it to be used in fillers, aromatizers, and deodorants.

Baking powder

Baking soda is another popular home remedy for removing foul-smelling fart odor. Baking soda is an effective ingredient in many homemade beauty and cleaning recipes. It’s highly capable of eliminating unwanted odors and airborne particles from the air since it has outstanding absorption capacity. 

Essential oils

Essential oils are powerful natural fragrances that have been used in aromatherapy practices since ancient times. 

Natural oils are great remedies for many respiratory problems, including bad breath, sore throat, sinusitis, colds and flu, bronchitis, and asthma. You can simply use them by pouring them in diffusers or with your humidifiers. 

Ozium sprays

Ozium sprays are an effective combination of odor absorbers and natural fragrances. 

They’re capable of absorbing fart smell and removing airborne particles from the air. Ozium sprays are commonly used in household cleaning products, natural perfumes, and incense sticks.

Detergents and cleaners

The washing liquids remove trapped odor from bed covers and clothes, tableware, and other home appliances.

Toilet bowl cleaners remove trapped odor from the toilet bowl. The most common ingredients in these cleaning products are activated carbon (in powder form), enzymes, and other natural fragrances that have been proven to combat gross odors.

Detergents and household cleaners remove trapped odor from fabrics such as carpets, bedding, upholstery, pillows, and clothing and maintain a refreshing indoor environment.

Wet vacuum for water-resistant leather couches

Wet vacuum cleaners are a popular alternative to dry vacuum cleaners and remove trapped odor from leather couches.

Odor neutralizers

In addition to these organic absorbents, you can also try some artificial odor neutralizers. These products neutralize stinky odors by absorbing them or converting them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide or water vapor.

Citrus essential oils are commonly used in these products because they’re powerful natural fragrances that have been proven to combat foul-smelling fart odor. 

Don’t neglect these conditions if you’re interested in getting rid of the fart smell!

Bad intestinal flora from antibiotic use or other medications (such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)


Parasites that cause flatulence are usually not visible to the naked eye, but they’re known to be present in all types of animals, including humans. The detection of these parasites by stool examination is a proven treatment method for chronic intestinal gas and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Food Allergies

Some allergic reactions are triggered due to foods that we eat regularly, such as milk (lactose intolerance), wheat (gluten), eggs, nuts, fish, etc.

If you notice having an allergy to any food or food components, please consult with your physician or nutritionist before taking any steps regarding changing your diet or adding supplements.


Infections that cause foul-smelling farts are usually caused by bacteria and viruses that enter the body through the nose and mouth. If you suspect having a severe or even mild infection, please consult with your physician or nutritionist before taking any steps regarding changing your diet or adding supplements.


If you experience constipation regularly, consult with your physician to determine any medical reasons for this condition. If it’s not diagnosed as a severe medical condition, several natural remedies can help you relieve the symptoms of constipation, such as:

a) Increase water intake (Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces per day)

b) Increase fiber intake (Eat at least 6-8 servings of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains per day)

c) Increase exercise (30 minutes of daily walking is recommended.)

d) Eat more high-fiber foods such as beans and whole grains – These foods help relieve constipation and provide nutritional benefits.  

The side effects of these diseases on the body depend on their severity, but they can lead to devastating health experiences if left untreated.

You can do several things to prevent foul-smelling farts from coming up again. Here are some tips:

  • Eat healthy foods (avoid junk food) instead of fast food or processed foods.
  • Avoid overeating at once and eat slowly.
  • Try not to consume foods that you know will cause foul smell farts.
  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day (for an average adult)
  • Do not eat too late in the night (after midnight).
  • You should visit a doctor if you have any health problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation diarrhea, vomiting, and/or nausea.

How to improve digestive health, explicitly bloating or gastritis.

Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment by a certified physician is matchless. Here are some self-explanatory dietary suggestions that can help if you’re over this stage!

Low fiber diet

There are a few myths or imperfect truths that you need to forget to improve your digestive health. The first thing is to cut down on the amount of fiber you eat.

A diet high in fiber can cause bloating and gas by chemical reactions such as fermentation. It results in producing an excessive amount of gas in your digestive system.

This is because the bacteria and other microorganisms in your gut produce gases as they break down the fiber you eat.

For example, a diet high in soluble fiber, such as oat bran, will create too much gas if eaten every day for an extended period.

Cut down on sugar and spices.

These two things feed harmful bacteria in your gut that cause digestive problems.

For example, eating a lot of sugar and spice will feed the harmful bacteria in your gut and create gas.

For this reason, we recommend you cut down on sugar and spice.

Stay hydrated

Most people are not drinking enough water.

Water helps flush out the toxins in your digestive tract and improve digestion.

Plus, it also helps you get rid of gas by flushing out your digestive system.

For this reason, we recommend you drink plenty of water daily.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in your gut that help you digest food.

Naturally, many probiotics are found in yogurt and other fermented foods. Still, you can also opt for the store-bought probiotic supplement if you want to improve your digestive health.

But be careful about the dosage. Don’t overdo the probiotic supplements because they can cause diarrhea.

Also, it’s important to note that while probiotics are helpful for digestive health, they’re not an ultimate cure-all for digestive problems.

They may not solve the problem if your body has been long damaged by unhealthy lifestyle habits such as tobacco, excessive consumption of caffeine, or fizzy drinks.

Avoid stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety will make you more likely to experience digestive problems because they create too much stress in your body.

For this reason, we recommend you learn how to reduce stressful situations in your life and find alternatives that don’t involve stress or anxiety (for example, meditation).

How to get rid of the fart smell from the car?

It is elementary to get rid of the nasty smell, whatsoever the resource is. You need to spray some odor removing spray or open the windows and let the fresh air in. You can also try a refreshing air freshener or a scented candle to mask the smell.

It doesn’t matter what made your car stink that bad; what matters the most is how you get rid of it. If you’ve got plenty of time, you can go with above mentioned natural remedies like baking soda soak, bentonite clay, or essential oils. For quick solutions, sprays or deodorizers are our top recommendations. 


If you have odor issues and want to know how to get rid of the fart smell, go through the roots causes and adopt the recommended solutions.

If you have no idea about the cause of your bad smells, it is recommended to get professional help. 

The bottom line is to:

1. Eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet and lifestyle (avoiding high carb, low fiber foods such as white bread, sugar, refined flour products)

2. Improve digestive health with a suitable diet and natural supplements (preferably without chemicals).

3. Regular bowel movements

4. Take antibiotics only when necessary

5. Increase physical activity (daily walking routine helps a lot)

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