Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell? – PurifierSpace

There’s is a famous saying in the renovation industry: You can’t make it too perfect”. 

If you’re struggling to clean your cat litter box, you might be looking at other options than using the traditional cleaning supplies; you’re at the right place.

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

These options could be automated gadgets such as air conditioners, purifiers, deodorizers, or diffusers. How do air purifiers help with litter box smell, musty odor, and pollutants?

Using an air purifier to get the stink off could be better than the conventional dumping or cleaning methods.  

Fact check: Do air purifiers help with litter box smell? 

Yes, it is one of the most popular options because it’s cheap and easy to use. It’s also highly effective in removing odors from your home and other places around it. 

Let’s get deep into it and analyze how it works!

How do air purifiers help with litter box smell; the action mechanism!

Air Purifiers are an excellent method for removing odors from your home. There are several excellent types of air purifiers available in the market. When you’re looking for a solution for your litter box odor problem, it might be challenging to decide what’s best for you.

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

There are three main types: Ionizing, HEPA, and VOC (volatile organic compounds). 

Ionizing Air Purifiers are great at removing pollen and other particles from the air, but it doesn’t work well against cat urine odor. Here we’ll discuss some powerful filters used in the air purifiers that help with the litter box smell.

Air purifiers with HEPA filter

These air purifiers are usually combined with a HEPA filter designed to trap particles, including mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and many more.

It’s important to note that these pollutants can be found all around us in the air we breathe; you can’t simply plug your nose when you’re out of the house. The filters are then changed every month depending on how often you use them. 

Carbon Filters in air purifiers

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

Carbon filters are highly effective and readily available filters used in air purifiers. That’s because they absorb all the odors in your home and reduce dust entering your home. Carbon filters can be placed on top of HEPA filters, or they can be used alone.

When carbon filters are conducted with HEPA filters, they remove odors and dust particles like a charm!

Nowadays, scent shields with carbon filters effectively remove terrible odors. 

Ozone generator

Another option is to add an ozone generator which will help kill germs. Ozone generators are immensely popular due to their ability to disinfect and remove odor from the air.

A common misconception about air purifiers with ozone generators is that they are both environmentally friendly( because Ozone is used to disinfect water) methods of removing litter box smell. This is not true as Ozone can be harmful to people, animals, and plants.

To keep your living space safe, secure, and healthy, it’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with ozone generators and change your filters regularly.

HEPA filters vs. Ozone generators

An air purifier uses a fan or blower to blow air over a HEPA filter or is explicitly designed for odor removal. The main benefit of this method is how cheap it is.

These pollutants can be found in your home and cause many health issues, including asthma, allergies, and cancer.

On the other hand, ozone generators use ultraviolet rays to kill germs and viruses. This does not make them safe for humans or pets, affecting their skin and eyes. Some people have experienced burning sensations after exposure to ozone generators.

The most obvious thing to remember when deciding which type of filter is best for your home is to have a spare one on hand for any potential emergency.

Ozone generators should be the last resort when other methods have failed. They should only be used in areas without risk of exposure to people and pets.

Once you know how to do air purifiers help with litter box smell, you need to get the catch with each type of purifier. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering an air purifier is that it will not remove all of the odor from the room. Some people still notice a strong scent of cat litter in their homes after using an air purifier.

Bonus Tip!

One way to help with this is by using baking soda and vinegar to absorb the odor when your cat litter box sits for more than two days without being cleaned.

Try placing a bowl of baking soda and a bowl of vinegar next to your litter box, then mix together with two cups of water. Place it on top of your litter box and let it sit overnight. The next day, rinse out the mixture with warm water, and you’re set! 

(This method works best for multiple cats, so they don’t compete over who gets to use the bathroom first).

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

If you prefer using an air purifier for your cat litter boxes, here are some important reminders that you shouldn’t forget:

  • The air purifier is not just for the litter boxes. 
  • Your house will get some dry air to circulate through it due to using an air purifier in your house.
  • When you clean your litter boxes, make sure to use an odor eliminator before placing them back in the box, or they might start smelling again as soon as you remove them from their hiding place.
  • Also, be sure that the air filters are changed regularly because they can get clogged up with cat hair and dirt over time.

Other top picks to eliminate litter odor from your home.

If you’re someone who didn’t have good experience with air purifiers, try some following suggestions and let’s know how they go!

1. Use a litter box liner for your cat litter boxes to absorb the odor and keep your home smelling fresh.

2. Make sure that you clean your litter boxes regularly. It’s crucial for a refreshing environment and for your cat’s health.

3. Use baking soda and vinegar on your cat litter box to absorb odors when they sit for too long without being cleaned.

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

4. If you notice that there is still a strong odor after cleaning, try removing a few of the bags of litter and place them in a sealed container with a lid so that they don’t get exposed to bacteria and dust as much as possible. 

Then replace the bags with new ones when you’re ready to put them back in your cat’s box again. This will help keep any bacteria growing between each bag to be cleaned out more quickly when needed.

Do air purifiers get rid of cat hairs?

Yes, air purifiers help get rid of cat hair and pet dander.

If you notice your air purifier is getting clogged with cat hair, place a layer of aluminum foil or a paper towel on top of the filter to keep the cat hairs from getting stuck in it. Then clean the filter with warm water and soap once a week to keep it working correctly.

Moreover, air purifiers can help remove dust from the air we breathe in our homes.

As mentioned above, those looking for a more natural way to eliminate the musty smell should consider making their own dehumidifier. Additionally, consider cleaning out any excess moisture in your basement or garage to help eliminate other awful odors.

Cleaning your air purifiers

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

It’s a great idea to clean your air purifier every month because they tend to accumulate dust and dirt over time. You can buy unique cleaning accessories for your air purifiers available at most hardware stores. Or you can use warm water and some baking soda to clean it manually, but be sure to note where the filters are located so that you don’t damage them.

Will an air purifier get rid of dog smell?

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

Yes, air purifiers can help get rid of your dog’s smell, but it also depends on the type of air purifier you have. Air purifiers are specifically designed to eliminate pet odors, and they will work best for that purpose.

How to keep your home smelling fresh with or without air purifiers?

Using a few simple tricks can help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

  1. Use a deodorizer to absorb odors in the air when they occur, such as baking soda and vinegar, which will work best if you use them daily while they’re still fresh.
  2. If you notice a strong odor coming from your carpets, try using an enzyme cleaner on the carpet because it will help break down any dirt or particles that might be present so that they can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner later on.
  3. If you notice that there is still an unpleasant odor in your home after cleaning, try placing some baking soda or vinegar in a sealed container outside of your house for a few days. This will absorb any odors accumulated in the air and neutralize them.
  4. If you notice that your home is still smelling after you’ve used the above methods, you try complimenting it with a dehumidifier that can help remove moisture from the air. 
  5. It will also help eliminate any bacteria that may be present and will help to keep your home smelling fresh for extended periods.

How to get rid of the musty smell in the house?

If your house has a musty smell, that is probably due to damaged furniture or fungal spores in the air. Consider cleaning the air filters or getting your furnace checked for any issues causing this.

If you want to remove the musty smell from your home, try using an air purifier or a dehumidifier. It will help reduce moisture from the air, which can help eliminate those unwanted fungal spores.

Some people also suggest using a humidifier containing disinfecting solutions to help eliminate the root cause behind the musty smell. You should use this as an adjunct to the air purifier, as it adds the desired amount of moisture without damage.

How to make your own dehumidifier?

If you want to make your own dehumidifier, you will need the following:

1. A glass jar or container with a lid (you can find these at most hardware stores)

2. A desiccant (this is a substance that absorbs moisture, such as silica gel or zinc pellets)

3. An air pump (you can find these at most hardware stores)

4. A wet sponge (you can find these at most hardware stores)

When making your own dehumidifier, you should fill up the glass container with desiccant and place it in an area where there is no direct sunlight, like in your basement or garage.

Do air purifiers help with litter box smell

You will then attach the air pump to the container and place it in an area that can circulate the air, such as on a windowsill or in a closet.

You should then place your wet sponge on top of the desiccant and leave it there overnight so that it sucks all of the moisture from the air.

When you wake up in the morning, you should empty out your dehumidifier and clean any remaining moisture off of your desiccant with soap and water. You can also give the vacuum cleaner a try to remove any excess moisture. You should then dry out your desiccant by placing it outside for at least one day or until all of the moisture evaporates out of it.

The takeaway 

As you can see, how do air purifiers help with litter box smell by removing the foul odors and smells? They help to keep your home smelling fresh. They are also a great way to help you and your family stay healthier, as well as keep your home clean.

Many different air purifiers include HEPA filters, ionizers, UV light systems, and more. These air purifiers are becoming more and more popular in homes worldwide because of their many benefits.

It’s important to note that this gadget isn’t a replacement for cleaning your litter box. It will only help to remove the source of the stench, which is the bacteria and mold on the surface of your cat litter.

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